Welcome to the website for the Northern Ireland 10,000 Voices Initiative. Patient experience is recognised as a key element in the delivery of quality health and social care. In line with this the Public Health Agency and Health and Social Care Board are carrying out an extensive work across all Health and Social Care Trusts with the aim of introducing a more patient-focused approach to services and shaping future health and social are in Northern Ireland.

What is 10,000 Voices?

The 10,000 Voices Initiative gives you an opportunity to tell us your experience of receiving health and social care and in particular highlight what is important to you and what matters to you.

We have a number of surveys currently on-going at the moment: If you have had an experience in any of the following areas we would love to hear your story:

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service - if your experience relates to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service please click here: 10KNIAS

Staff experience stories to improve patient experience - if you are a member of staff and wish to submit your story please click here: 10KVoicesStaffExperience

Health and Social Care in NI - if you have had any other kind of experience within Health and Social care and wish to share your story please click here:10 KVHealth and Social Care in NI

Adult Safeguarding - If your experience relates to the process of Adult Safeguarding please click here: 10K Voices Adult Safeguarding

Discharge services - if your experience relates to Discharge services please click here: 10,000KMOREVoicesExperienceofDischargefromHospital

10KVoicesSenseMaker Demo - 10KVoicesSenseMaker Demo

Delirium survey - 10KMOREVoicesExperience_of_delirium

Get in Touch

If you have any queries in relation to the Initiative please contact: Christine.Armstrong@setrust.hscni.net

What happens to the information gathered through 10,000 Voices?

Please note that all information received through 10,000 Voices will be kept confidential. We do not need to know your name. All information will be handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

By taking part in this patient experience survey you are consenting to your anonymous information being used for research and analytical purposes; in the development of reports, education and training and for other purposes within the HSC.

10,000 Voices endorse "#Hello my name is..." campaign.